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Released: April, 2000
Label: Owned & Operated


1. Spinning [lyrics]
2. Giant's Chair [lyrics]
3. Kevin Is Gone [lyrics]
4. Unglued [lyrics]
5. The Arrangement [lyrics]
6. Glass Jaw Test [lyrics]
7. Semper Fi [lyrics]
8. Lazy Eye [lyrics]
9. Rearranged  
10. Too Much of Not Enough [lyrics]
11. Starless [lyrics]

Liner notes:

Paul Malinowski - Bass guitar, backing vocals, keyboards
Allen Epley - Guitar, vocals, fake rhodes
Josh Newton - Guitar, keyboards, synthetics
Jason Gerken - Drum kit, leather pants

Produced by Paul Malinowski and Shiner
Recorded and engineered by Paul Malinowski and Joel Hamilton at Pogo Studios, Champaign, IL, and Westend Studios, Kansas City, KS
Additional Engineering by Mark Rubel at Pogo Studios.

Mixed by Paul Malinowski, Joel Hamilton and Jason Livermore, at various stages, at Westend Studios.
Magicianlike mastering and editing by Jason Livermore at the Blasting Room, Ft. Collins, CO.
Joel Hamilton either played guitar and/or made weird noises, often simultaneously, on these tunes: 1, 4-6, 8, 9, and 11.

Legal by Steve Nearenberg.
All songs by Epley and Shiner, lyrics by Epley.
DonkeyPig Music / ASCAP ©2000

Art direction, design, and photography by Andy Mueller at OhioGirl.
Photo assistance by John Fuller and Johannes Gamble.
Photo thanks to Craig Champion, Seth Cohen and Dave Murphy.
Band portraits by Sharon Hebenstreit.

We either thank and/or love and/or owe money, often simultaneously, to the following folks: Mike Miller, Bill Stevenson, Tim Edwards and Flower Booking, Kim Coletta and DeSoto Records, Jason Livermore, Mark Maddog Davis for Livesounds, Joel Hamilton, Ken Waagner and HitIt! Recordings, Bill Latas for the amp loan, Talbot/Latas Bros. Inc. for the best strings ever, Chadwick Smith for the masterful design of, Mark Rubel, John Hulston and Anodyne Records, Kirstin at Zildijan, Sean Beresford at Boogie, Eyed Mallah at Minsky's on Main, and of course, Bell St. Mama's on 39th.
Special thanks to Sweet T, a.k.a. Tim Dow,
but most importantly, foolishly special thanks to our counterparts:
Pamela Epley, Hannah Newton, Tina Malinowski, and Andy Gerken, (it's a long story).

Heartfelt gratitude to TPR Joseph Fisher and the Illinois Highway Patrol, districts 10, 11 and 12 for relay, debris collection and crimebusting, respectively, Vandalia, IL. Thank you R2, for years of trusty service.
RIP li'l fella. Place flowers at MM 45, I-70 E.
Thanks also to Mick's Towing, Greenville, IL.

Paul plays a very heavy Boogie cabinet, Fender bass, Boogie head.
Allen plays a Hiwatt head, cabinet by Granmax, an AC30, a Hohner Tele and a pay-less Paul.
Josh plays a new(?) '78 Les Paul for the South Paw, cabinet by Granmax, and a Hiwatt head.
Gerken plays huge, clear blue drums by Ludwig.

All the goods can be found at:,
the O and O site at,
and the DeSoto records site at

Owned and Operated Recordings
P.O. Box 36
Fort Collins, CO
80522 USA

This release is O&O : 012

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