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this section was created because people were clearly upset that the site was not updated as often as they would like. from this area of the site, you can add your own shiner news. that's right. no more waiting around for me. you can do it yourself. thus, i implore you to make use of this section if you can, as it will make many people happy.

before you continue, however, i must ask that you read the following rules:

  1. you must post only news
    this tool is for those who have information about upcoming shiner happenings and would like to share them. please note however that this not a place to post tour dates. if you have information about a specific show, please go to the tour section and post it there.

  2. news must be shiner-related
    while it is all good and well that you may have a very cool band that sounds like shiner and may even be doing something with shiner in the near future, that's not what this is for. you're more than welcome to use the message board or links section to promote your band. please keep all news updates within the realm of shiner.

  3. please do not repeat
    before posting any news update, please make sure someone hasn't added it already. all it takes is a quick glance at the news section.

  4. be clear and concise
    state the message and post it. please direct any additional comments/questions to the message board.

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