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josh newton   
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  1. What's your full name?
    Joshua C. Newton

  2. Your birthday?
    June 8th, 1973

  3. Your role in Shiner?
    Guitar / noise

  4. Equipment used?
    Telecasters / Vox Amp / Orange Amp / Way too many pedals

  5. History in Shiner?
    Member for just about two years.

  6. Pre-Shiner music history?
    Season to Risk, Glazed Baby

  7. What pays your bills?

  8. Which is better: being a highly regarded, little-known musician or being a highly paid rock star more famous for image than the quality of music produced?
    I'd like to be in the middle.

  9. Your favorite bands?
    Radiohead, Aphex Twin, Chavez, Six Finger Satellite, Enon, Brainiac, etc., more...

  10. Your biggest influences?
    Daniel Ash (Bauhaus), Duane Denison (The Jesus Lizard)

  11. A record you'll never get sick of:
    Radiohead - OK Computer

  12. The perfect Shiner show would go like this:
    Hmm, loud and well... with cool lights....

  13. Most amazing concert you've witnessed:
    Peter Murphy in 1990

  14. Did you know there's an annoying Christian rock band named Shiner 2120?
    No. Do they know there's a band called Shiner?

  15. Does this bother you?
    Not really.

  16. Describe the sound of the new Shiner stuff. What are your thoughts?
    We've tried to go further in every direction. I'm really happy with where we're at. For now.

  17. Do you write songs based on what you think the record industry and mainstream/alternative music listeners want to hear, or do you write what's pleasing to your ears?
    No no no. We don't even write to please ourselves. Whatever comes out, comes out.

  18. Estimated time when Shiner will hit it big?
    Any minute now.

  19. Any last comments?
    I like your site.

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