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making love ep   
Making Love EP

Released: 2000
Label: Anodyne Records


1. Fetch a Switch [mp3] [lyrics]
2. Third Gear Scratch [mp3] [lyrics]
3. HeShe [mp3] [lyrics]
4. Cake [mp3] [lyrics]
5. Making Love [mp3] [lyrics]

Liner notes:

Paul Malinowski plays: Bass, bass synth, backup voice, timbales
Jason Gerken plays: Drumkit, castanettes
Josh Newton plays: Guitar, keyboard, clave's and bongo's
Allen Epley plays: Guitar, voice, finger cymbals

+Joel Hamilton played: Guitar, cigarettes

This product was recorded live in Kansas City, Missouri in the fall of 1999.
Special thanks to Infinity Mobile.
Mixed by Paul Malinowski, assisted by John Hulston at
Westend Recording Studio, Kansas City, Kansas.
Making Love recorded and mixed at Westend Studio
by Paul Malinowski, assisted by John Hulston.

CD packaging by Brady Vest at Hammerpress.

Shiner owes a debt of graditude and money to: John Hulston and Anodyne
Records, Mike Miller and Westend Recording Studio, Tim Edwards @ Flower Booking,
Steve Nearenberg, Dr. Billy Smith for consultation and booze, Kim
Coletta and DeSoto, and Mama's on 39th.
answers @

1) Fetch a Switch (from Splay)
2) Third Gear Scratch (from Lula Divinia)
3) He/She (from Splay)
4) Cake (from Lula Divinia)
5) Making Love *

All songs: Shiner 1999 Donkeypig Music, ASCAP
except Making Love: Paul Rogers and Mick Ralphs, Bad Co. music, ASCAP
Anodyne Recordings 1600 Genessee St. Suite #428 KC, MO 64102
Making Love EP

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