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animated by sound
local KC band getting off the ground..rockin none the less.

Maroon - narcotic rock
Monroe, Louisiana band that simply rocks. Maroon has had the chance to share the stage with shiner...........rock gods.

Matt Talbott's newish band. Of GWRR and Stars (w/shiner) and Hum fame.
Blaked is from the chicago area. Looking for a local Shiner related sound, there is Blaked and when Shiner is in Chicago, Blaked is in the front row, and depending on the club, backstage. Girls... Anyway, we're new as shit so please come and support us at shows.

Aina fan page. This band is from Barcelona, Spain and are truly amazing.

The Espers
Spacey Shoegazer Rock band from michigan with heavy Shiner, Failure, Hum influence......

New tunes. New Record. New members. Now Blaked goes out the door with the backing of Chicago\\\'s own Ear Flaw records. Enjoy

cloudy & forty-seven
kansas city band influenced by shiner and sunny day real estate.

Empty A.D.
5 piece metal band from Lakeland, Florida with a range open to anything that is heavy!

J&S Project
J&S project is born from the merger of the musical experiences of a DJ, Tony S, aka Antonio Smaldone, and of a musician Angel J, aka Angelo Vitaliano. The crossover between grooves "Old School" and electric resonance carried it to the idea of the J&S project.

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