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Parallax 9
A west TX alternative rock project in the making. We have a couple mp3s for people to check out. They were all home recorded, mostly onto MiniDisc. Influences include (but are not limited to): HUM, Shiner, Failure, Seam, Pave the Rocket.

Maroon-narcotic rock
Monroe, Louisiana band which simply rocks. Playing with Shiner and Houston on march 15, 02.

Loud, sweaty Brooklyn rock that commands its listeners to scratch their heads in amazement; that is if there happen to actually be any listeners.

Blaked books more and more shows, testing their salt across the midwest. Playing with Maroon and Pontia in ST. Louis Aug 31 at club 313

My band.

Original Boston Hard Rock - We don't sound like Shiner, but check it out anyway.

We played with Shiner once. That's it.

fingercuffs (uk)
Bristol UK band who mix rock with post-rock, punk with post-punk, and enjoy what comes out...

Pink Floyd Online
Comprehensive and Interactive fan site on the band. Includes extensive listing of free Pink Floyd guitar tabs.

We Are The Next
THE NEXT was put together to play music that reflects all members' love of the best of rock'n'roll from every decade from the '60s onwards to today.

PDC Heavy Industries
Loud, triumphant post-rock from Michigan.

Square John
Post-Rock band from Los Angeles. Similar style to Quicksand, Shiner, Jawbox, No Knife, etc...

The Jack Theory Trader
Modern-day Pink Floyd heavily influenced by The Appleseed Cast, Shiner, Sunny Day Real Estate, and so on.

minute of arc
a cleveland based band that is getting better.

Fingercuffs - A Bristol (UK) Band
Although shiner were discovered relatively recently, they influenced the sound of fingercuffs. Before shiner, we were a happy cross between fugazi, foo fighters and kraftwerk (don't ask...) - after we were... enlightened! and then we split up!

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