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  1. What's your full name?
    Allen Morrison Epley

  2. Your birthday?
    August 23, 1968

  3. Your role in Shiner?
    singer / seedsongwriter / guitar

  4. Equipment used?
    HiWatt 100watt head, homemade 4x12 cab, Vox AC30, Fender Jaguar, Hohner Tele Deluxe.

  5. History in Shiner?
    I started the band in late '92 as Orchid, changed name to Shiner in early '93 when Tim Dow joined. Historically, I am the "unspoken leader", "songwriter", and "condescending dickhead" of the group. I also acquire loans and write the checks for the band bills, with band money, of course. Whatever that is.

  6. Pre-Shiner music history?
    I had a band in college, (grad of '92) called The Industry. We were a combination of The Police, Rush, REM, and U2, and those were our originals...That ultimately morphed into early Shiner...or Orchid.

  7. What pays your bills?
    Slaving away in a Pizza joint, and writing reviews and articles for the KC Star, our daily.

  8. Which is better: being a highly regarded, little-known musician or being a highly paid rock star more famous for image than the quality of music produced?
    being a highly regarded, little-known musician or being highly paid rock star more famous for image than the quality of music produced? I'm not sure, I've never been highly paid for this. I think I would ultimately like to be highly regarded for making money by doing what I do best.

  9. Your favorite bands?
    as of right now, 5/28/01: Radiohead, Built to Spill, No Knife, Chavez, The Dismemberment Plan, Houston, Superdrag, Elliot Smith, Enon, Juno, Burning Airlines..

  10. Your biggest influences?
    The Police, Led Zeppelin, Radiohead, Jawbox, Chavez, Rush, REM ( all early stuff, but mainly Fables of the Reconstruction), early Smashing Pumpkins, Slint, Beasties and Public Enemy, Shudder to Think, Jellyfish, Dokken (only Tooth and Nail, though), and Ratt.

  11. A record you'll never get sick of:
    Radiohead OK Computer

  12. The perfect Shiner show would go like this:
    the perfect shiner show would go like this....Headline the Uptown Theatre in Kansas City on our own power with a couple of great bands of our choosing, say, Houston and The Creature Comforts. LC's BBQ caters the backstage area for all the bands. There are drug dealers waiting to give us all their best drugs for free, plus an open bar with only the topshelf alcohol and Boulevard beer for the guzzling, and then we go rock the hizouse and make enough money to not have to work ever again didn't say it had to be reality.

  13. Most amazing concert you've witnessed:
    REM, Green Tour in Louisville, NOV 1988. 1st show of the tour. amazing. it was a very elemental and profound influence on me. That was my last REM moment for a long time. The new stuff is kind of interesting, though. "Reveal", right?

  14. Did you know there's an annoying Christian rock band named Shiner 2120?
    did you know there's an annoying christian rock band named Shiner 2120?

  15. Does this bother you?
    If they get big, it may become an irritance, but no more than that, I don't foresee.

  16. Describe the sound of the new Shiner stuff. What are your thoughts?
    This is the rock record that needed to be made. I mean, we needed it. I think the music world needs this record right now, too. It's a certain affirmation of following your heart and playing for yourself and not making music for anyone but yourself. I think it reflects that ideology. It's urgent, passionate, driving, textural, raw, detailed, blownout, intricate, hard to play, hauntingly beautiful, and quite frank in it's honesty...if I do say so myself. Can you tell I like it?

  17. Do you write songs based on what you think the record industry and mainstream/alternative music listeners want to hear, or do you write what's pleasing to your ears?
    I think we have been guilty of trying to write for other people at certain times in our career, but I think to a large degree we have followed our own muse. If you write songs for other people, and they don't like it, then nobody likes the music. If you write for yourself and make yourself happy, and still nobody likes it, atleast you're happy. But more likely, people will be drawn to music that's naturally and healthily conceived, and they will like it too.

  18. Estimated time when Shiner will hit it big?
    T minus never and counting....I'm so over trying to expect to be big someday. We're just moving forward and whatever happens, happens.

  19. Any last comments?
    This site is badass and a big shout out to you, Jake for helping to expand the publics knowledge of the particular brand of the Gospel that Shiner preaches. Send all your money to wait, to us and then Jake.

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