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Untitled Biography
Author: Unknown (HitIt! Recordings)
Date: Unknown

Alt-rock trio Shiner formed in the spring of 1993 when Allen Epley (guitar, vocals) and original bassist Shawn Sherrill began writing songs together in a Kansas City warehouse. After splitting from local favorites Season to Risk, drummer Tim Dow completed Shiner's first lineup. The trio gigged extensively througout the Midwest on the strength of their nine-song demo, until DeSoto picked them up for a single in November 1994. Later that year, Hit It! Recordings released a split single with Kansas City's Molly McGuire. The tremendous response to both seven inches prompted DeSoto to release the band's first full-length in April 1995. Shiner finished up the year with a two-song single for Hit It!, which turned out to be Sherrill's final recording with the group.

Lula Diviniais the first recording featuring new bassist, Paul Malinowski. Paul, like Tim, is an alumnus of Season to Risk, where he provided the low end for years before joining Shiner in February 1996. That year saw numerous preparations for the recording of Lula Divinia, including a marathon of songwriting, a U.S. tour supporting D.C.'s Jawbox and appearances at the CMJ Music Marathon and South by Southwest.

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