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AMG Biography
Author: Mike DaRonco (All Music Guide)
Date: Unknown

Born in 1992 out of the Kansas City, Missouri outskirts, Shiner originally comprised of Allen Epley (guitar/ vocals), Jeff Brown (drums) and Shawn Sherrill (bass), before Tim Down took over on the skins a year later. With this line up, the band found themselves sharing the stage with Season To Risk, Sunny Day Real Estate, The Jesus Lizard, Girls Against Boys and Jawbox among others before DeSoto Records released their debut EP "Brooks" b/w "Released" 7" in 1993. Following Shiner's first album Splay also put out by DeSoto, Paul Malinowski took over for bass duties after departing with Season To Risk in 1995. With HitIt! Recordings releasing their second full-length Lula Divinia two years later, Sub Pop took notice and followed with the single "Sleep it Off"/ "Half Empty" that same year. After a brief tour with HUM in 1998, yet another single "Semper Fi" b/w "Sailor's Fate" 7" came out a year after. A third full-length studio effort Starless was released in fall 2000.

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