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"Lula Divina" Review
Author: Mark Wieman (Pillowfight)
Date: February 04, 2000

I am scared. Shiner has released the most threatening record I have heard this year. It threatens to make their brilliant debut LP, Splay, look like a preview, and it threatens to make half the records it sits next to in store racks and on station playlists seem insignificant and forgettable.

The songs plow by, each taking a different angle and a different approach to the same straight line that starts with the explosive "The Situationist" and goes through the faded closing of "Cake."

The rhythm is certainly the pilot in charge here, and the punctuated plodding leaves the listener with the feeling of having just been pulled down a flight of stairs, chin-last. If you've seen this band live, you know what I'm talking about.

Hit It! and DeSoto have partnered to put this slab out, and ADA is set for the distribution.

With a record as intense and solid as this, and with copies of it in more stores, Shiner is bound to receive a ton of additional attention. I assure you, every ounce will be well-deserved.

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